Who Puts The Rape In Rape Culture?

rculture_tshirtRape culture, according to second-wave feminist theory, is a shared social understanding with pervasive, normalized rape events based on gender and sexuality attitudes. But what does it mean in the world view of third-wave feminism? What does it mean to call a culture a “rape culture” today?


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In Support of One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising is, or rather was, an event intended to “end violence against women and girls” by getting a handful of the ten thousand or so people who actually heard about it to get up and dance on video.

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Ships and Harbors: Why the Atheism Plus Forums are Incompatible with Atheism+

There exists a fundamental, irreconcilable philosophy difference between the Atheism+ movement and the goals of the official Atheism Plus Forum.
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Why Schrödinger’s Rapist Is Really Pascal’s Rapist

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what very well might become a series of op-ed pieces for SkepDirt. Skepdigger is stepping out of the “reporter” comfort zone with this, and all of us at SkepDirt wish nothing but good fortune upon this endeavor.

As we enter the fourth year of the Schrödinger’s Rapist meme, this opiner would like to take a few minutes to ruminate on its origin, its implications, and its inaccuracies.

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