Two Bombshells

Bombshell Number One

As SkepDirt’s loyal readership has undoubtedly noticed, there hasn’t been any action in this publication in months. This reporter owes you an explanation.

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SkepDirt Shuts Up And Listens

In honor of the catchphrase of the just-passed Women in Secularism conference, SkepDirt will, for the next two weeks, hold a Shut Up And Listen mini-forum here in the Comments section of this article. Read more of this post

@SkepDirt’s Creepiest Follower

This reporter has no idea from which Alternate Lifestyle Malibu Barbie playset this person sprung:

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SkepDirt’s 100th Follower!

Congratulations to @SkepDirt on Twitter’s 100th follower, Johnny (@supexcellency)! Johnny is also known as SpinozasPsyche on YouTube.

Yes, of course you do, Johnny!

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Hello, Luxembourg!

Today’s surprise visiting country is Luxembourg, coming in SECOND in number of hits and only behind the first place country, the USA, by thirteen hits!

Step it up, Luxembourgers! You can do it!

Hello, Croatia!

Today’s surprise visiting country is Croatia, coming in fifth in number of hits and beating out Australia, the Netherlands, and Finland!




Famous Youtuber Glowingly Reviews SkepDirt

World-renowned authority on mathematics and skepticism Justicar (integralmath on YouTube, @Integralmathyt on Twitter) likes this publication so much that he mentions it in a video he created earlier today.

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Is Skepdigger Really Rebecca Watson Herself?

Reliable sources say this exchange happened on Facebook yesterday:

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