Project Bugout

elyse-hospitalbrian-hospitalIt is well known that prominent Elyse Wojnowski-Anders’s [Facebook Twitter Instagram] health, both physical and mental, is in freefall as of late. Both she and her husband Brian have spent time in the hospital in the last week.

What may not be as well known is that they have two children. The oldest is a girl in 2nd grade whom Elyse refers to as Bug. The youngest is a boy in kindergarten whose moniker is Moose. It is unknown who was caring for the two children when both adults were in the hospital.

This reporter thinks that the time to think about the future of the Wojnowski-Anders children is now. To this end, SkepDirt proudly announces Read more of this post

Surly Grant Winner Flees From TAM In Terror?

According to Skepchick Elyse Anders, who did not attend TAM:

Further discussion on Ms. Anders’ Facebook page implies strongly that one of the harassed was Read more of this post

If You Ignore TAM, Will It Go Away?

Plenty of tweets about #TAM2012 today:

But the only ones from Skepchicks are ones peddling their wares: Read more of this post

Skepchicks Jump To Conclusions, Get All Wet

Noted skeptical author Richard Dawkins recently tweeted:

(Some background information: There is no love towards Dr. Dawkins from Skepchick. Dr. Dawkins is on the record as being extremely pro-vaccination, as is evidenced by a search on his web site.)

Instead of taking this as a ringing endorsement of the Hug Me I’m Vaccinated program, led by Skepchick Elyse Anders, the Skepchicks Read more of this post