EXCLUSIVE Picture of Elevator Guy!

This reporter wouldn’t accept coffee from him either!

They Make A Cute Couple

(reprinted from Coffee Loving Skeptic’s Facebook page)

Is Skepdigger Really Rebecca Watson Herself?

Reliable sources say this exchange happened on Facebook yesterday:

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Rebecca’s New Project: Using Skepchick As A Pseudoscience-Pushing SEO Tool

Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter), displaying once again that her fondness for bullying overrides her capacity for skepticism, has started a subsection of skepchick.org devoted entirely to giving pseudoscience hucksters the ability to flood search engines such as Google with their nonsense.

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SkepDirt Goes Viral!

Thanks to the volunteer efforts by Surly Amy:

PZ Myers:


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PZ Myers: SkepDirt “An Unimpeachable Source”

In regards to SkepDirt’s scoop on Rebecca Watson’s (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) firing from the SGU Podcast, PZ Myers tweets:

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Rebecca Watson Fired From SGU Podcast?

Reliable sources have provided a screenshot of the email confirming that Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson on Twitter) has been fired from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast:

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A Series Of Unfortunate Tweets

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