In A Dirtshell: Listservgate

As this reporter’s readers all know by now, Thunderf00t had a short-lived engagement on Freethoughtblogs before PZ Myers kicked him off for not towing the party line when it came to hyperfeminism.

Recent events have uncovered that the regular bloggers at FTB have a secret mailing list that they use to discuss private things. Some of these things are extremely personal, like Read more of this post

Surly Amy Cries, Leaves TAM Over A T-Shirt

In a Grand Conjunction of estrogen, Freethoughtblogger Ophelia Benson wrote this in reply to her own blog entry:

Amy’s given me permission to quote her, so here’s her account of what all that was like:

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And The Banned Played On: Natalie Reed Bullies Thunderf00t Some More

Center of the universe Natalie Reed took on infamous Freethoughtblogs expatriate Thunderf00t in a tweet war earlier today.  There is too little time and too many tweets, so here are just the first few:

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That’s Not How Tyranny Works, PZ

The oppressor doesn’t get to determine when the oppression is done, Mr. Myers. As a feminist, you of all people should know that.

Did PZ Myers Shave?

Did you know that you don’t have to be bare-faced to tell a bare-faced lie?

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PZ Myers: “Believe Me Because I Say So”

More of the saga between PZ Myers and Thunderf00t:

This was one of the first things this reporter considered, PZ, along with the consideration that YOU lied about those reasons.

And how do we KNOW he wasn’t, PZ? How do we know that you’re telling the truth?

Well, that certainly settles it! PZ Myers is telling the truth because he knows what’s going on in his own head!


PZ Myers To Kick Thunderf00t Off Freethoughtblogs

In response to this blog entry by Thunderf00t, PZ Myers has started a recent blog entry of his own with:

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Mad Greta: Beyond Thunderf00t

At last! Greta Christina’s five-part anthology (1 2 3 4 5) on the horrible mind of fellow Freethoughtblogger Thunderf00t has concluded! Some final statistics:

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