Submissions are always welcome at SkepDirt!


  • Submissions can either be in the form of a simple URL, and Skepdigger will write a story around it, or you can write your own story around it, in which case Skepdigger will edit it, credit you (under whatever name or pseudonym you want), and post it.
  • Submissions have to describe an Act Of Idiocy by a skeptic. An Act Of Idiocy is something that a skeptic does or says that is laughably irrational, embarrassingly narcissistic, harming to the skeptical community at large, etc.
  • Submissions have to be timely. If the submission is about an event or a quote that happened in the last 12 hours, it’s good and will probably be published. If it happened in the last four days, it might still be news-worthy, so it might be published. If it is over a week old, it better be astoundingly scandalous. If it is from the BSDE (Before SkepDirt Era), which started on June 27, 2012, the submission itself will become an Act Of Idiocy and will be subject to same treatment as other Acts Of Idiocy.
  • Submissions have to be G-rated except for quotations embedded in the submission.
  • The facts presented in a submission have to be true and verifiable. No Photoshopping swastikas on someone. No lying about a tweet or a blog entry. The facts presented should be unassailable. That said,
  • The submission should be as yellow as possible given the above restrictions. Wikipedia describes “yellow journalism” as “a type of journalism that … uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism.” Go nuts with conclusions, exclamation points, and question marks, especially in the title!


The going rate for writers at SkepDirt is $0.00 per word. Do it for the prestige!

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