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elyse-hospitalbrian-hospitalIt is well known that prominent Elyse Wojnowski-Anders’s [Facebook Twitter Instagram] health, both physical and mental, is in freefall as of late. Both she and her husband Brian have spent time in the hospital in the last week.

What may not be as well known is that they have two children. The oldest is a girl in 2nd grade whom Elyse refers to as Bug. The youngest is a boy in kindergarten whose moniker is Moose. It is unknown who was caring for the two children when both adults were in the hospital.

This reporter thinks that the time to think about the future of the Wojnowski-Anders children is now. To this end, SkepDirt proudly announces the creation of Project Bugout, whose goal is to help provide for proper educational needs for Bug and Moose at this critical point in their lives.

Project Bugout’s Mission

bugProject Bugout intends to raise enough funds to allow Bug and Moose to attend the elementary boarding school of Elyse and Brian’s choice.

If they choose not to accept this money for that purpose, the money will become a college tuition fund divided equally among Bug and Moose.

If the money cannot be used for college tuition for whatever reason, it will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Under no circumstances will the money ever be under the control of Brian or Elyse or any other member of the Anders or Wojnowski families. The money will be paid directly to the organizations.

As Grassroots As It Gets

This project needs a way to collect donations. This reporter was going to set up a Gofundme campaign, but the reviews of Gofundme are poor at best. At this point, we at Skepdirt are at an impasse. We are looking for a trustworthy donation site that doesn’t require non-profit status. Please Tweet your recommendations to @skepdirt!

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  1. d4m10n says:

    It is hard to believe that one of the authors at Grounded Parents would require this sort of help.

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